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Marion Toro is a professional voice actress, who has a fun and creative voice suitable for video games, animations, e-learning & tutorials.  She provides a variety of voices ranging from young children to the elderly and alien/monster-like sounds. Specializing in character voices, she is the voice of “Mimi Tortellini” in "The Adventures of Prada Enchilada" by ADC Kid LLC. Aside from her work with ADC Kid, she has also worked on the visual novel “Emergency! Monster Team” by Toro Comics, as “Nadel Pierce” and “Terra Cotta”, along with the versus game “Way of the Sinner” by Matteo Tallevi, as the main player “Kyra”. 

She whole-heartedly believes that the inclusion of POC in the world of voice over is important. Representation matters, as it's best to be seen and heard.

Degree: BA Theatre Arts & English Temple University

Trainings & Workshops

Temple University

  • Voice for the Actor (0121)

  • Speech for the Actor (0127)

Beyond College

  • GVAA Rate Guide Webinar

  • Adobe Audition Class (2015-16)

  • Private voice over coaching – Charles McKibben

  • Character Acting Academy Webinar Series – Eliza Jane Schneider

  • Video Game Voices – Dave Fennoy

  • Crafting a Career in Character Voices – Pat Fraley

  • Getting Out of Your Own Way with a Side of Audio Books – David H. Lawrence XVII

  • Creating Original Characters – Eliza Jane Schneider and Erin Fitzgerald

2010 - present

2010 - present

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