Need a corporate representative or a sassy schoolgirl? A southern belle or an outgoing city girl? Maybe a fairytale creature or an outer space alien? A voice with perspective that can do all this and more. Oh, the possibilities!

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Character Demo 1 - Marion Toro
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Character Demo 2 - Marion Toro
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Conversational Spot
Signature Voice
Audiobook Demo - Marion Toro
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Commercial Demo - Marion Toro
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Home Studio Sample - Unknown Artist
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Southern Accent - Marion Toro
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Video Game
"Emergency! Monster Team" by Toro Comics
Role: Nadel Pierce and Terra Cotta 
Free Chapter 0 download on
"Indigo 7" by Dolores Entertainment
Role: Vamp Irella 
Coming Soon to PS4, Vita, XBOX, and Switch
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"Rush Attack" by Albert Pierre
Role: Peppa/Spyce
Coming Soon to PS4, XBOX, and Switch
"Way of the Sinner" by Studio Delvix
Role: Kyra
Free demo download.
"Strangers of the Power 2" by Tuomo Games
Role: Bentley the Pirate
Purchase download on Steam
"Panic Gem Odyssey" by Kapa ENT.
Role: Paris
Coming soon to iOS and Android
"Boyfriend Dungeon" by Kitfox Games
Role: Olivia
Coming soon to PC/Mac/Linux
"Empire of Sin" by Romero Games
Role: Nurse Gracie McKee
Coming soon to PC/Mac, PS4, XBOX, and Switch
"The American Civil War"
by Anabasis Films
Role: Narrator for Elizabeth Keckley, Annie B. Rose, Elizabeth Sparks, Mrs. Minnie Folks, and Mrs. Patience Avery
"We are the Fantastic Four: A Retrospective"
by B- Mask
Role: Ororo Munroe/Storm, Fangirl, and Latvian child
Podcast & Motion Comic
"The Spectre" from RBG Comics
Role: Ionie Johnson and Kimberly
Free to listen on Soundcloud
"Sirenicide - Episode ME36 - Fuse Road" from Sirenicide 
Role: Stephanie Adler
Free to listen on site
"Para.docx" from Black Lilac Productions
Role: Tessa Long
Free to listen on Podbean and iHeart Radio
Pinna Original podcast, Food Crimes
Role: Judge Foodie
Listen with a subscription on
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Marion Toro is a professional voice actress who has a fun and creative voice suitable for video games, animations, and podcasts.  She provides a variety of voices ranging from young children to the elderly and alien/monster-like sounds. Specializing in character voices, she is the voice of “Nurse Gracie McKee” in "Empire of Sin" by Romero Games. She has also worked on the visual novel “Emergency! Monster Team” by Toro Comics, as “Nadel Pierce” and “Terra Cotta,” along with the RPG “Boyfriend Dungeon” by Kitfox Games as Olivia, the Barista of Kick's cafe. 

She whole-heartedly believes that the inclusion of POC in the world of voice-over is important. Representation matters, as it's best to be seen and heard.

Degree: BA Theatre Arts & English Temple University


Thank you to all who attended this event! It was enlightening and uplifting to be in a space where Black women can speak on their experiences in the audio industry. If you missed it, you can watch the full event on YouTube. Click here to watch!


Indie, adult murder mystery show about lawyers. Our pilot episode is currently in development. Click here to watch the Opening on YouTube!


Para.docx is a supernatural podcast following the work of the NCRD’s filing staff as they handle reports from all across America — assuming the reports themselves behave. Click here to listen and subscribe!


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